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Product Name: Flexible ultra bright SMD2835 LED strips,20-22lumen/LED, DC 24V with 60leds  or 120leds per meter, 5meters/roll

Model No: PL-LS2835W060-24V

flex 5630 led strips

Waterproof and non-waterproof SMD2835 LED strip, 20-22Lumen/LED
300pcs of SMD2835LED/ 5meter, 60LED per meter,
Size: 5000mm*10mm*0.2mm
Cut point: every 50mm, 3leds/section
Suggest max run in series connection: 5 meters
Package: 5 meters in a roll
Dimmable with dimmer
Available in white or cropper PCB
Working Voltage: DC24V
Working Current: 550mA/500mm,6.25A/Roll
LED Viewing angle (2θ1/2):120°

Waterproof types:
IP20 non-waterproof
WP2: IP66 silica tube housing waterrpoof
Packing: 5meters/roll

Interior decorative lighting (cove lighting, backlighting, outline lighting, concealed lighting)
Illumination lighting
Can design & produce according to customer's need.


Model Color Power/Meter Voltage LED QTY/Meter Cuttable Length FPC Dimensions
PL-LS02835W060-24V White 13.2W 24V 60leds/Meter 10cm 6LEDs L5000mm xW10mm
PL-LS02835W060-24V Warm white 13.2W 24V 60leds/Meter 10cm 6LEDs L5000mm xW10mm
PL-LS02835W120-24V White 26.4W 24V 120leds/Meter 5cm 6LEDs L5000mm xW10mm
PL-LS02835W120-24V Warm white 26.4W 24V 120leds/Meter 5cm 6LEDs L5000mm xW10mm
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